On September 17-18 2014, Anaxomics hosted the 24M-month meeting of the FP7 funded European project VISION at its headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. About thirty scientists from the five partner institutions and SMEs of the consortium participated in the meeting, which marked important milestones in the development of the project. Eduardo Soriano from CSIC, the scientific project advisor, attended the meeting and provided insight into some essential questions that were brought up during the first day. Furthermore, Professor Arieh Solomon from Tell Aviv University (TAU) imparted a seminar on visual disorders during the second day of the meeting.

The next meeting will be held on March 2-3 2015 by the Synovo team. Anaxomics is looking forward to getting together with the other partners of VISION and enjoying another fruitful session of result sharing and debate.

Group photo of the members of the VISION consortium

Group photo of the members of the VISION consortium

The VISION project

The goal of the VISION project is to develop a therapy for glaucoma and acute optic nerve neuropathy using the same therapeutic approach, i.e. inhibiting further death of vision related neural cells by prolonged inhibition of Sema3A apoptotic pathway. The therapy will be based on a minimally invasive implant for controlled release of novel therapeutic moieties.  Thus, the project will develop two Sema3A inhibitors: a low MW compound and a Sema3A targeted antibody. These inhibitors will be loaded into a novel controlled and prolonged release minimal invasive, injectable implant. Read more on the consortium website: http://fp7-vision.eu/.

The role of Anaxomics in VISION

Anaxomics provides comprehensive global clinical development and regulatory solutions to the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and biotechnology industries. Anaxomics, acquired experience of more than 15 years in writing the full IMPD files: Pharmacodynamics, Pharmacokinetics and Toxicology files. Besides, Anaxomics collaborates with agencies in developing new predictive medicine tools to comply with requirements of FDA and EMA regarding the use of predictive medicine for primary and secondary pharmaco-dynamics, safety pharmacology and toxicology profile.

As a part of VISION, Anaxomics defines the regulatory framework for the drug delivery device and develops GLP and GMP protocols accordingly. We are also committed to solving any regulatory issues that may arise during the course of the project

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