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Biomarker discovery is an important topic in biomedical applications and at several stages of drug development, from early stage to clinical trials. Anaxomics helps you to identify measurable and reliable molecules that can serve as biomarkers.

Biomarkers are defined as objectively measurable parameters that reflect pathogenic processes or pharmacologic responses to therapeutic intervention. More specifically, molecular biomarkers are those that can be detected using generally accepted techniques from molecular biology, such as genomics or proteomics. Molecular biomarkers are measured directly or indirectly through metabolites in urine, blood, saliva and other body fluids.

The evaluation of biomarkers as indicators of a particular disease or some other physiological state is often crucial for the successful progression of an investigation. New developments in the so-called 'omics' sciences are increasing the amount of data available for analysis from the molecular perspective. However, finding a biomarker that properly correlates with the physiological state under study and that it is also highly specific to this state is difficult. Although a number of signals can be detected as increased / decreased expression levels in a pool of proteins, if we are not able to put those signals in biological context, their usefulness can be severely impaired.

Anaxomics employs its Therapeutic Performance Mapping System (TPMS) proprietary technology to accurately identify biomarkers through the mathematical modelling of pathological conditions and other physiological situations. In this manner, TPMS can identify reliable biomarkers whose differential activity or expression is associated with a particular physiological state. Our method has been proved to achieve with high degrees of confidence, as demonstrated in laboratory studies performed by our partners.


Anaxomics' TPMS is a powerful tool for biomarker discovery

  • Incorporation of data from patients and animals.
  • Identification and interpretation of differential activity/expression signals through complex network training.
  • Biomarker's real value assessment in diagnosis, prognosis and treatment, for the better understanding of diseases and therapeutic responses.
  • Elucidation of the mechanistic biological explanation of biomarkers.
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