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Anaxomics' TPMS technology can be useful to molecularly compare different drugs, with the aim of identifying the main strengths of a drug in comparison with the standards of care or other competitors. This will provide a rationale for investment decisions based on predicted clinical performance, which is complementary to market strategy andcommercial considerations.

Anaxomics can compare any drug against competitors (standard of care and/or experimental drugs) in terms of estimated efficacy and safety (mechanism of action driven analysis).

clear_strategya. Efficacy benchmarking: TPMS technology will be used to evaluate the mechanism of action of other drugs in the market or in experimental status with the same indication as the drug of interest. By modelling the down-stream effects of your compound/s of interest and comparing them with the mechanism of action of competitors (standard of care, experimental drugs), TPMS can find out which treatment is more effective.

The elucidation of the mode of action of the compound provides a stronger support to your claims and a unique perspective to help focus your discovery efforts.

b. Safety benchmarking: TPMS can help to evaluate the main safety risks of the compound/s of interest and comparison with competitors in the context of the disease. This is to say, specific aspects of the pathological condition will be evaluated, such as chronicity, seriousness and risk factors

By identifyingthe adverse drug reaction (ADR), through either by bibliographical research or TPMS assessment, related to the compound of interest and performing a comparative analysis over its competitors, Anaxomics can provide you with usefulinformation to judge the viability of a compound.


Figure 2_ Safety Assessment in terms of probability – Predicted safety profile. We predict possible adverse drug reactions (ADRs) associated with the compound on a mechanistic basis.

The identification of the added value of your molecule compared to its competitors in the market will provide an additional support to your claims together with a unique perspective to help focus your discovery efforts.

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