As we have previously explained, repurposing research aim is to discover if a drug, drug combination, active ingredient, nutritional product or other therapy approved for human use in one disease or condition can be used to create a medical solution in a different disease or condition. There are many examples of this drug repurposing in the clinical practice: aspirin is approved for reduction of pain and fever, but clinical testing has shown it can be repurposed to reduce the incidence of heart disease, as well as some cancers; sildenafil (the active ingredient of Viagra®), which was discovered when searching for anti-angina drugs, turned to be an effective oral treatment for erectile dysfunction and, in the past years has been repurposed to a rare condition pulmonary hypertension (Revatio®).

Currently, there are thousands of diseases that still remain without treatment or cure, and the system of new discovery of pharmaceutical and device treatments is unable to solve them all, due to high costs and long times. Repurposing research is cheaper than de novo discovery, and any validated treatments can move quickly, and often inexpensively, into clinical care.

This is how Cures Within Reach, a non-profit organization devoted to improving patient quality and length of life through repurposing, works. Now, this organization has launched a new tool, in beta version until June 2015, CureAcceleratorTM, which aims to put in contact researchers, companies, clinicians, patients, investors and foundations interested in finding cures for diseases that have no fully effective treatment through repurposing strategies. By this way, it is expected to accelerate repurposing facilitating the contact between the necessity, the idea, the research and the funding.

In Anaxomics, we employ systems biology-based bioinformatics approaches for the identification of repurposing drugs, i.e. finding new indications for old drugs. As an example, Anaxomics has identified novel combinations of already marketed drugs  for the treatment of neurological disorders. From this experience, Anaxomics acts as advisor of the CureAccelerator™ project, since we believe that repurposing is a very good alternative that, with some help, can provide lots of interesting treatment options for much unmet medical needs.

If you are interested in getting more information about drug repurposing or CureAcceleratorTM, please do not hesitate to mail our Business Development team.

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