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Disease-to-target discovery is the process of identification and early validation of targets involved in a disease. By exploring the pathophysiological map of a disease, we help our clients identify proteins than can become targets for the development of new compounds.

In the recent years, network pharmacology has arisen as a distinctive new approach to drug discovery based on the advances in systems biology. Now, it is well accepted that reconstructing networks of biological organism through integrating diverse sources is crucial for comprehending pathological processes.

Anaxomics' TPMS creates human protein maps that include all known interactions of the elements causing a disease. These protein maps serve as the basic framework for advanced mathematical procedures that predict which proteins should be modulated in order to obtain therapeutic effects. By doing this, we can suggest appealing alternatives for the treatment of complex diseases where conventional approaches have proven unsuccessful.


  1. We collect and integrate available scientific knowledge about the disease of interest
  2. We create the pathophysiological map of the disease
  3. We generate mathematical models simulating affected individuals based on clinical data
  4. We apply artificial intelligence techniques to detect potential targets for treatment

Research institutions and biopharma companies can take advantage of this knowledge to develop drugs with a high rate of expected success or even to recycle old compounds in the pipeline. Additionally, we can elucidate the actual mechanism of action of drugs, which has to be explored from the network perspective.


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