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Unlocking the hidden potential of drugs is our expertise at Anaxomics. We specialize in supporting research centers and pharmaceutical companies in their quest to identify new indications for already existing compounds. Through a rational and highly predictive approach, we employ our proprietary TPMS technology, harnessing the power of systems biology and machine learning, to find the best drugs for treating various pathological conditions for human and animal health.

Benefits of Drug Repurposing/Repositioning

Embracing drug repurposing and drug repositioning can yield numerous advantages for your investment, including:

  • Reduced development costs and time
  • Extended life cycle and improved return on investment
  • Opportunity to revive previously failed compounds
  • Possibility to extend patent life revitalize out-of-patent compounds

What does Anaxomics offer

At Anaxomics, we understand that different clients have distinct needs. That's why we offer different approaches to drug repurposing.

Drug-Oriented Repurposing/Repositioning

We provide research institutions and biopharma companies with a quick and systematic analysis of their pipeline. Our services in this category encompass:

  • Uncovering the full potential of newly characterized targets
  • Identifying new uses for individual drugs or combinations from your library
  • Combine your compound with a repurposed drug to increase the efficacy in a certain disease


Disease-oriented repositioning

This strategy focuses on specific pathological conditions and aims to identify existing drugs or combinations of drugs for effective treatment.


Anaxomics has already made significant breakthroughs in the field of drug repositioning. We have successfully identified individual compounds and combinations that show promise in treating several diseases.

Specifically, the methodology has been previously described and applied in several pathologies such as stroke (Simats, 2022) [PCT/EP2022/05668PC00], infertility (Matorras, 2021), chronic lymphocytic leukemia (Giménez, 2020), COVID 19 (Artigas, 2020), diabetes (Villalba, 2020), peripheral nerve injury (Romeo-Guitart, 2018) [EP15382508.8, 2015], amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Herrando-Grabulosa, 2016) and NAFLD (Perera, 2014), among others.


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