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Regulatory agencies have been putting increasing emphasis in the need of supporting any health claim with significant scientific evidence. In the European Union, health claims made in relation to food products require authorisation by the EFSA under the EC Regulation 1924/2006 before they can be used in the labelling and marketing of these products. In the United States, dietary supplements do not require approval from the FDA, but any health claim must be widely accepted by the scientific community or else the product may be withdrawn from the market.

Similar requirements have been adopted in regards to cosmetics products in order to protect the consumer. The EU Regulation No 655/2013 clearly states that “claims for cosmetic products, whether explicit or implicit, shall be supported by adequate and verifiable evidence”. Moreover, the amendments to the old cosmetics Directive (76/768/EEC) and the entry in force of the new EC Regulation (1223/2009) introduced new challenges in the development of cosmetics by putting an end to animal testing.

This new scenario has created a need for suitable methods to study safety and efficacy of cosmetic and nutraceutical products in human health. With this goal in mind, Anaxomics assists nutraceuticals and cosmetics companies in obtaining scientific fundamentals for their health and consumer care claims. Anaxomics has developed Therapeutic Performance Mapping System (TPMS) proprietary technology, which employs the latest advances in Systems Biology to generate virtual models of human physiology. TPMS can realistically simulate the response to an active ingredient or the therapeutic effect of a supplement.


  • Efficacy and safety assessment: learn how to maximize the results of your research.
    • Synergic combinations of active compounds to increase their efficacy or safety
    • List of potential cosmetic indications prioritized according to the predicted efficacy
    • Mechanism of action that justify the efficacy of your active compound
    • Patient stratification to guarantee a successful outcome of your studies in humans
  • Claims support: we help you to find a scientific explanation for your claims
  • Dissemination activities: scientific articles, posters and communications for congresses and oral presentations in meetings imparted by highly qualified personnel
  • Regulatory support: get supporting material for the regulatory process

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