A novel prediction system revealing innovative biomarkers to predict drug safety

Logo_CanadekaFinancing CDTI-NRC bilateral program Technological Cooperation COLLABORATIVE PROJECT Funded under the INNPACTO Subprogram (IPT-090000-2010-2)
Duration: December 2010 – March 2013

Anaxomics and Nucro-Technics have been awarded a Research Grant from the Spanish and Canadian Government, respectively, in order to develop new biomarkers as early indicators of future safety of drugs in development. Nucro-Technics is a leading Pharmaceutical contract support organization based in Toronto, providing advanced services to the biopharma industry.

Nucro-Technics and Anaxomics form part of a Canadian-Spanish collaboration to develop a novel pre-clinical fee-for-service screening to identify potentially “toxic” new drug candidates. This testing service will utilize the combined expertise of Anaxomics’ in silico analysis of new drug candidates, with Nucro-Technics’ expertise in in vivo toxicology assays. The combination will result in an innovative, cost-effective, fee-for-service assay that will employ the in silico database analysis of new drug candidates, conducted by Anaxomics, with in vivo validation of the in silico data using biomarker identification and quantification, conducted by Nucro-Technics. We firmly believe that this synergistic, collaborative approach will result in a new and innovative service that addresses a market need and will be well received by our target customers in the drug development industry.

The project approach is based on identifying a set of general biomarkers of toxicity that will be tested in a fast and economical way in all the compounds that they want to analyze toxicity. This general set of analysis will assess the nephro-, cardio-and hepatotoxicity of drug compounds. This approach could lead to a basic analysis (general) of toxicity.