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European Network of Multidisciplinary Research and Translation of Autophagy knowledge

Logo-COST.pngFinancing: COST is a European intergovernmental framework for Cooperation in Science and Technology. COST Action CA15138
Duration: April 2016 – March 2020
Web: cost-transautophagy.eu

Collaborative Project

It comprises more than 200 members among which are researchers from public and private Institutions as well as small-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) from 28 countries across Europe and the neighbouring regions. The professor and scientist Caty Casas Louzao, member of the group of research in Neuroplasticity and Regeneration of the Neurociences Institute at the UAB, leads the action.

Project Summary

Microbiota is a consortium project with the common goal of making research and experimental development of probiotic, prebiotic and symbiotics that influence intestinal microbiota so that its modulation positively affects the health of consumers and animal health.

Descripció del Projecte

TRANSAUTOPHAGY aims to foster and extend multidisciplinary knowledge in autophagy to unravel details of its role in heath and disease. Autophagy rids the cell of excessive or damaged organelles, misfolded proteins, and invading microorganisms and it also provides nutrients to maintain crucial cellular functions and serves as biomembrane manufacturer. Its dysfunction is an important issue in many diseases affecting a wide range of organs and systems. The main objective of the network is to speed the translation of the knowledge generated in products and processes for their utilisation in the fields of the biomedicine and biotechnology. The project foresees biomedical advances in prevention, diagnostic and therapy of several pathologies such as cancer and neurodegeneration.