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Anaxomics offers a novel approach to due diligence based on the combination of cutting-edge Systems Biology with long-time expertise in the clinical, regulatory and drug development fields:

  1. Current Situation and Market Analysis
  2. Efficacy Analysis
  3. Safety Analysis
  4. Strategic Differentiation
  5. Integrated Product Assessment

When facing the decision to invest in a biotech start-up it is crucial to de-risk scientific decisions and be sure to invest in the safest and most effective compounds by using the most advanced predictive technologies during the due-diligence. The same is valid for in-licensing activities, which constitute excellent opportunities for companies that want to quickly expand their portfolios, but require a clear insight into the efficacy and the safety of compounds.

Anaxomics gives assistance in making informed decisions to investors (venture capital funds, business angels or institutional investors) and pharmaceutical companies looking for investment or in-licensing opportunities. To reach this aim, we offer a novel approach to due diligence based on the combination of cutting-edge systems biology with long-term expertise in market research and strategic planning. Thanks to this unique strategy, we can provide our clients with a rationale for investment decisions based on the predicted clinical performance of the compounds and a comprehensive cross-examination of the competitive landscape.

Besides the mechanistic and predictive analysis of the therapeutic performance of your products, we offer a full range of strategic knowledge to add value to your assets and differentiate your new developments. Our projects are comprehensive and include much more than Systems Biology.

Current situation and market analysis – In-depth market analysis to identify potential competitors of your compounds with the aim of highlighting their main strenghts during the out-licensing process. When considering the acquisition or the in-licensing of new strategic assets, we conduct a careful examination of the competitor landscape in that therapeutic area. [+]

Efficacy analysis – A comparative efficacy assessment that highlights the strong points of your products and identifies the best drugs available for licensing. To help you in the out-licensing process, we suggest you efficacy-related key factors and potential indications that differentiate your compound from others. [+]

Safety analysis – A comparative safety assessment that highlights the values of your molecules and identifies the safest drugs available for licensing. To help you in the out-licensing process, we suggest you safety-related and life-quality key factors that differentiate your compound from others. [+]

Strategic differentiation – An extensive evaluation of your products’ strengths in the competitive landscape in order to raise its value in the out-licensing process. [+]

Integrated product assessment: A complete evaluation of your product or drugs available for in-licensing, encompassing the services listed above. A unique experience that combines the best systems biology can offer with in-depth market analysis and strategic differentiation advice.

We care for your investment as much as you do

The integration of cutting-edge systems biology with the support of qualified experts in other disciplines ensures a unique approach to drug discovery. Being fully conscious of the risks that the drug development process entails, we offer solutions aimed at reducing costs and maximizing profit starting from early stages:

  • Predicting rate of success in terms of safety or efficacy and providing a complete understanding of the therapeutic performance and the mechanism of action of a drug
  • Highlighting the values of the molecules and identifying their strengths vs. competitors
  • Cancelling bad investments as early as possible
  • Adding value to your portfolio in exit strategies
  • Prompt delivery of results
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